Carlos C Soto

1980 - Toluca, México.  known as "eclipxe". Married with Edith and parent of Naomi (Nov 2012).


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As a developer

I start coding when I was about 10 years old using a lovely Atari XE console.  A real lovely machine with BASIC installed. As I grow up I start to code in more languages like PASCAL or CLIPPER. At 15 I had a a 386 computer with no internet connection, so my work was limited to a very basic books and experimenting. At University start coding on C/C++, VB6 and VBScript (for ASP pages). At 22 learn about Linux by working with Tuxteno and expand my horizons, learning more about OS, BASH, PHP, Python, Perl, C#, Javascript and similar. My primary language right now is PHP.

PHP sucks, why PHP?

Well, yes, PHP sucks [As of PHP5.5]. PHP functions does not smeel good, OO orientation is missing with a lot of things. But it's a real good language if you use it in the right way, and yes, there is a right way to develop, in every language. It is not only about the language, at most it's a tool and the hammer does not make you a bad or good carpenter. A good carpenter can use shitty tools and still create a good chair. Not particulary lover of frameworks (in fact I heat it), but just in case I'm learning (or planning to learn) Laravel.