About Carlos C Soto

Hi! I’m Carlos C Soto, also known as eclipxe, eclipxe13 and eclipxoide.


Father of two, husband and software developer, PHP user and founder of PhpCfdi. I’m deeply convinced on free software (as freedom) and the value of community. I would like to be a full time free software developer, but life is not that easy and I also enjoy my non-developer job.

As a developer

I start coding when I was about 10 years old using a lovely Atari XE console. A real lovely machine with BASIC installed. As I grow up, I start coding on more languages like BASIC, PASCAL or CLIPPER. At 15 I had a a 386 computer with no internet connection, so my work was limited to a very basic books and experimenting. At University I start coding on C/C++, VB6 and VBScript (for ASP pages). At 22 learn about Linux by working with Tuxteno and expand my horizons, learning more about OS, BASH, PHP, Python, Perl, C#, Javascript and similar. My primary language right now is PHP.